Happy Pride! Our Rainbow and Disco Party Dreams Come True (COVID-Friendly)

What a month. It's been a pretty heavy time lately and with all things kinda taking a toll we decided to share joy. Our shop had been planning this party for a while and I am so excited to finally share our Rainbow Disco party.

If you have ever been able to stop by our shop, we've got a bit of a rainbow theme going on. I personally love rainbows, especially pastel rainbow, and when light hits the glass at the perfect angle to create a natural rainbow spectrum. They are beautiful and make people happy. I enjoy watching our customers smile and perk up a little seeing the rainbows and bright colors in the shop.

It is fitting that the Pride symbol is a rainbow; natural and beautiful. We must never forget the suffering of the LGBTQ+ community at the hands of hate, especially the Black Trans community. We must continue to fight against hatred. 

With that said, I want to spread pride-joy, as we cautiously start to gather together again, we still must be careful and responsible. This setting set up extremely versatile. You can have fewer people and remove some chairs, or when we are out of the pandemic, you can add more tables to allow for more guests.

We decided to line the table with honeycombs in different shapes and sizes and add a few balloons in there for some more texture. Super easy to do! Lining up the honeycombs in a rainbow spectrum was easy and is super eye-catching. Nothing is holding them in place, but I am sure you could use some tape. For the ones hanging off the table, I tied them together on a string and then taped the string to the table so it looks like they are cascading off.

For tableware used these adorable small rainbow appetizer plates on top of rainbow chip large plates, and then placed a rainbow dot cup on each setting. All by Knot & Bow. Then paired each setting with compostable utensils and adorable napkins from Bash Party Goods. To add more disco pizzazz, we used these reusable star and disco ball tumblers. Love that the tumblers are reusable and you can use them anywhere. To finish it off the table, I placed some fun party favor bubbles, noisemakers, and sprinkled some confetti. No disco rainbow party is complete with sprinkles.

Once the table was done, I knew we needed some wall decor, I made a simple organic garland with block coloring to mirror the table. When I put it up on the wall, I then decided to complete the look with some air-fill star points that seriously made EVERYTHING come together. 

This was such a fun little shoot and kind of our first! I am so excited to continue to share our creativity and all the ways we can imagine celebrations (small and large).

June 25, 2020 — Destinie Escobedo