Local Artist Spotlight: Meet Graciela Lopez Marquez and her brand, Frikitona Baddie!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? (where you grew up, some personal hobbies/interests, something you’re passionate about, and/or fun facts about you)

I grew up in the Westlake-Pico Union area & have lived all over the 626.  Music (deejaying) and Art are my two loves, I love to mesh them together, especially when they can be used as a medium to shatter all sorts of “isms”!

•What is the inspiration behind your brand, Frikitona Baddie?

Frikitona Baddie is an ode to Reggaetón culture, it was inspired by the teenager in me who resorted to perreo when I was first exploring my sexuality. 

•How does your brand, Frikitona Baddie, differ from other brands?

The brand is entirely guided by the quest for womxn’s sexual liberation con la ayuda del Reggaetón. 

•What is your favorite product you've created?

My latest “Perreo Sin Acoso // Ivy Queen” collection has been my fave thus far! I wanted to honor the legacy of La Caballota in all ways possible: T-shirts. hoodies, tote bags, journals & stickers. This was the first time I dove into creating other products aside from clothing. The end result... an entire Friki collection! Me senti que estaba en mi peak* 

•What is your favorite part of creating?

I love brainstorming, jotting down key points, colors and messaging. I love laying the groundwork! 

•Where is your favorite place to create?

Sitting at my dinning table, with music blasting! 

•What does community mean to you?

This is the squad who holds you when you need to be held, lxs que te llaman la atención when you have messed up, the ones who are always ready to roll without knowing exactly where the trip is headed. Community is a warm ass hug. 
You can buy Graciela's Reina del Reggaetón sticker pack here and in stores at Party Art Community!