Boba Baby Swaddle Blanket (Oatmeal)


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First in our lineup is the ever-popular baby sleep sack, a versatile and convenient choice for parents seeking a fuss-free swaddling solution. Our sleep sacks boast soft, breathable fabrics that gently envelop your newborn, providing a snug and secure environment conducive to restful sleep. Available in an array of adorable designs, from charming animal prints to soothing pastel hues, each sleep sack is thoughtfully crafted to promote uninterrupted sleep while keeping your little one cozy and content throughout the night.

For those early days with your precious bundle of joy, our newborn swaddle sets offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Made from premium-quality materials, these swaddles are expertly designed to mimic the snug embrace of the womb, helping to soothe and calm even the most restless infants. With adjustable fastenings and easy-to-use closures, our swaddle sets ensure a custom fit for your baby, allowing for gentle swaddling that promotes healthy hip development while reducing the startle reflex for a more peaceful sleep experience.

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These swaddles are crafted from ultra-soft, premium materials, ensuring peaceful, gentle sleep on your baby's delicate skin. Their generous size offers ample room for swaddling, providing that snug and secure feeling your baby craves. Versatile and multi-functional, these swaddles can also double as stroller covers, nursing covers, or playmats, making them an indispensable addition to your newborn necessities.


• Measures 47x47"

• Double layer fabric with pattern on both sides

• Softest fabric made from 30% cotton 70% bamboo

• Machine washable (cold water, hang dry)

• Packaged and wrapped in luxe paper, perfect for gifting